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All Aboard—The Send Trains Competition at Approach!
Saturday, April 29th

The Details

Introducing the Annual Send Trains Competition at Approach! This competition is intended to be accessible to all climbers, from total newbies to grizzled veterans. Divisions will be automatically determined by point totals. There will be two sessions in total, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Both sessions are open for all ages but we will be pushing our youth competitors towards our earlier session if they wish to compete within the youth category.

When: April 29th

  • Session 1: 9am-12pm (Recommended for Youth)

  • Session 2: 2pm-5pm

Cost: $45/competitor if registered by April 28th ($55 day-of). Register early to receive a free gift!

Format:  This competition will consist of bouldering, top-rope, and lead (optional), so come prepared for all disciplines if you wish to compete. A combination from all disciplines will determine your total points


Detailed Schedule

7:45 AM - Doors open. Check-in for morning session begins.

8:50 AM - Morning session rules

9:00 AM - Morning session begins

12:00 PM - Morning session ends.

1:00 PM - Awards for youth climbers

12:45 PM  - Check-in for afternoon session begins

1:50 PM - Afternoon session rules

2:00 PM - Afternoon session starts

5:00 PM - Afternoon session ends

5:15 PM - Raffle prizes while scores are calculated

6:00 PM - Awards/After Party

Additional Details

  • Scoring

    • A competitor's score is determined by a combination of the points earned from all disciplines completed during the competition.

    • All problems must be started on the indicated starting handholds. Projecting is NOT allowed (no starting mid-way through a problem).

    • A problem is considered completed ("sent") after the climber has controlled the finish hold with both hands for two consecutive seconds.

    • Volumes (the gray boxes attached to the climbing surface) are always considered "on" unless otherwise indicated. Climbers can use the surfaces of volumes for both hands and feet provided they do not use holds that are considered to be a part of a different problem.

    • The top-edge of the Top-Out wall is considered "off" unless otherwise indicated. Exceptions will be communicated before each session begins.

    • Usage of any holds that are not part of the problem being attempting, and/or coming into contact with landing surface, will count as a "dab" and will cause the current attempt to be counted as a fall. The climber should come off the problem as soon as the error is identified.

    • Some problems may have taped boundaries that cannot be crossed. These will be communicated before the start of each competition session.

    • Sending a problem on the first attempt counts a flash and awards bonus points.

    • Falls on a problem will alter the total points you get for the problem to help distiguish tiebreakers come final scoring.

  • Scorecards

    • All competitors will be provided a scorecard to be used to track attempts and sends.

      • Completed problems MUST be signed off by someone other than the competitor, whether that is an observing guest or a fellow competitor.

    • Problem grades are hidden during the competition, but the points value for both a flash and send will be shown on the scorecard.

    • When finished, competitors may hand their scorecard off to the front desk.

  • Categories

    • There are four total categories that competitors may be placed in: Beginner (V0-V2/ 5.5-5.8), Intermediate (V3-V4/ 5.9-5.10), Advanced (V5-V6/ 5.11), Open (V7-V9/ 5.12)

    • Competitors will be automatically placed into the appropriate category per the points earned during the competition.

  • First Time Visitors

    • First time visitors or guests who have not been to the Approach Climbing Gym within the last six months must complete a mandatory safety orientation and belay test for those that will be climbing TR/Lead & belaying climbers.​

  • Youth Climbers

    • All youth climbers have the option compete in either time slot if they choose to do so, but youth results will take place imediately following the morning session. Adults competing in the morning will be scored with the afternoon session competitors. We will announce the citizens competition results following the afternoon session for each respective category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Open).

    • Youth competitors climbing in the afternoon session will be scored with adult competitors.

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