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Yoga Clinics

Our clinics are 90 minute workshop style classes designed to deepen your yoga and climbing practice. The 90 minute class style is hallmark in yogic history as our bodies work in 90 minute cycles regarding energy. Human bodies are designed to pulse and these yoga classes will emulate that model. To operate at our fullest potential we need to renew our batteries so to speak; specifically in 90-minute intervals. This work is mental and emotional as well as physical.

When we can then build this rhythm into our lives, it changes everything.

$27/non-members | $10/member


Restorative classes are held monthly. This is a deeply restful practice that focuses on slowing down and opening the physical and mental body through passive stretching. Props are used to support the physical body during long comfortable holds. This allows for gentle fascia release like that achieved during a massage.  Hands on energy work and yogic adjustments are given throughout class to aid in finding comfort and relaxation. 


They are exactly that! This class will help work your body into arm balances and handstands! Taking extra time to understand balancing upside down and moving our center of balance within unique and often advanced arm balancing postures. You don’t need to be an advanced yogi to come play though! Be curious and come learn to fly and play! If you’ve ever wanted to include these postures into your flow this is the way to learn it! 

Fascia & Nerve Release

These fine tissues surround and support the muscles throughout your body. Our muscle pain usually originates from specific points within your myofascial tissues called trigger points. Myofascial release focuses on releasing these trigger points gently and elongating the muscles. Within the fascia release we will focus on nerve flossing to release sites of nerve pain in places common to climbers and office jobs. The extra time allotted equates to a deeper release that’s longer lasting. 

Hips & Legs

 This class will work deeply into finding space for squats, pigeon, forward folds, arm balances and more. A 90 minute class allows the muscles to get really warm and the joints to be extra lubricated. This allows for a deeper dive into stretchy postures. Hip and leg flexibility is NEEDED to advance our climbing technique. Our hips also hold our emotional “baggage”. Taking time to specifically focus on them allows us to process internally as well. Creating space in our lower extremities as well as our heart space. It’s a rewarding and well rounded class.

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