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First Visit

First time climber? No worries. We've got your back.

  1. Make sure you sign the waiver before your visit

  2. Schedule your Safety Orientation OR Intro to Climbing class

  3. Check out our weekly specials and other offerings!


Before Your Visit

Please Note: Everyone who enters the gym (climbers and observers) must have a signed Visitor Agreement on file. There are no exceptions to this rule. All users 18 years of age and under must have parental consent on file before accessing the facility. You do not need to bring us a copy of this form as it is automatically imported into our system once completed.

Safety Orientation

As an educational facility, all new visitors are required to participate in our basic Safety Orientation. Our Safety Orientation Includes a day pass. If this is your first time rock climbing, we highly suggest you sign up for our more comprehensive class, Intro to Climbing.

Book ahead of time to save $3!


Intro to Climbing

This three-hour class is encouraged for those who have not climbed in our facility and who have little or no climbing experience otherwise. Intro to Climbing is the perfect class for beginners. It includes rental equipment, a climbing coach,  information about grading systems, route reading/finding, and the basic foundations of climbing movement.

Intro to Climbing

Non-Climbing Appointment

Schedule a time to meet with our friendly front desk crew to receive assistance with a tour of the facility, membership paperwork, purchase items from our pro shop, or anything else we can assist with!


Our Offerings

Top Rope Class and Certification





Private Outdoor Guide



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