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Meet the Team

Who We Are



Owner/General Manager

I am a Nebraska native, graduated from UNL with a Masters in Engineering, and was an energy engineer. I worked for Schnackel Engineers, Kiewit Building Group, and Noresco, all the while developing a business plan around my extracurricular passion of rock climbing. I have always enjoyed problem solving and believe this attribute is the source of my obsession for climbing. Whether it be scaling multi-pitch rock formations outdoors or bouldering indoors with friends, all forms of climbing present physical and mental challenges, which are equally important to me.

I enjoy teaching and working with others and have the skill set necessary to ensure their enjoyment as well. I look forward to serving Omaha’s outdoor community with a new indoor climbing gym experience.


Programs Manager

You could say I'm a local, born and raised in Southwest Iowa right outside of the Omaha metro area. Who would’ve thought that growing up in this region of the country with no rocks, I would find a passion for climbing? It wasn't until I went to college at UNO in 2015 that I got introduced, setting in motion my passion for the sport. Working and engaging in this industry for the last 7 years has taught me a lot and with the help of the supportive climbing community, I have made it my goal to give back and share that same experience with others. Anyone who knows me knows I'm engaged with our community and supportive of everyone that comes into the gym, which helps greatly in my position as Operations manager. If you have yet to meet me you will likely find me teaching classes, coaching our youth team, setting new routes, or working the front desk, all of which keep me busy on a regular basis. If I'm not climbing or working at the gym, I'm most likely out on a trip getting my hands dirty on the real stuff or I'm slacklining, playing disc golf and spending time with friends/family. Having such a great community to engage with, teach to, travel with, and learn from, keeps me all the more stoked about my line of work here at Approach!

scottie headshot, assistant general manager


Assistant General Manager

I was born and raised here in Omaha. I am the only one here at Approach that does not have any climbing experience..... yet. My background is in business management. I was hired in 2022 to assist with business and financial operations.  I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of people and enjoy learning about climbing and meeting all of our wonderful members and guests in this climbing community.


Operations Manager

I'm originally from Japan and fell in love with climbing at UNO back in 2017. I moved to Omaha in 2020 to seek more rock climbing adventures with my loved ones and started my career at Approach in June 2021.

I've been growing as a greater version of myself not only with climbing skills/strength but also with interpersonal interactions in the Omaha climbing community.

Approach is where my heart is. I am very grateful for folks in this workplace and the community. Now, I'm on a mission to help more people to have a wonderful experience through climbing!

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