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Physical Therapy and Climbing

Many successful climbers put time into cross discipline training to further their practice and build their skills. Physical therapy is one amazing way to not only recover from injury but also address many of the specific demands of climbing. Core strength, flexibility and sport-specific joint muscle strength reduces the risk of future injury. Fuller range of motion, pain relief, and person specific strength building optimizes performance and helps climbers avoid repetitive load issues or injuries. Climbers will learn proper warm up techniques specific to each body, strength training exercises, body awareness, improved mobility and balance and knowledge about proper rest are all benefits of PT.


About Caleb


I have been climbing since 2008 and it was actually climbing that inspired me to go back to school and earn my doctorate in Physical Therapy. At that time I felt that there was a lack of physical therapists who understood the unique movements and stresses that climbers undergo on the wall. My goal as a Physical Therapist is to make sure that my clients stay physically strong and keep climbing strong for as long as possible. I bring my passion for my work to Approach by working one on one with clients who want to recover and/or prevent injury. 

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