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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Private Climbing Lessons

Updated: Apr 28

Coach in a private climbing lesson

It doesn’t matter how long you have been climbing. You’re bound to have noticed that no two climbers are identical. Body types, strengths, weaknesses, and climbing styles vary from climber to climber. At its root, that's the beauty of the sport. There are always multiple ways to complete a climb, and no one body type is needed to participate. There may be more efficient and less efficient techniques or beta, but there is no set way to climb a climb. What works for you might not work for someone else. Next time you are at the climbing gym, observe climbers of different body types and skill levels on the same climbs. Notice how tall climbers may reach from lower footholds, then struggle to bring their feet up, while short climbers bring their feet up first but struggle to get the handhold. You can learn a lot from watching other climbers!

So, why go into depth about differences among climbers? If we are all different, the training methods for one climber may not work for another. Due to every person's uniqueness, taking private climbing lessons is advantageous if you want to improve your climbing.

Although costly, private climbing lessons can be worth every penny. Here are five reasons to prove you're missing out and convince you to book private instruction ASAP!

1. Direct and Immediate Feedback

In a group setting, getting immediate and relevant feedback can be difficult. Or, if training on your own, you'd have to record yourself, watch the video, and take a guess at what you could improve. However, you are the coach's sole focus in a private lesson. Thus they can give you real-time feedback with each move you make on the wall.

2. Specialized Training Program to Address Your Weaknesses

This circles back to our core concept: we are all different. Thus, we all have various weaknesses unique to our bodies. In a group training setting, training may not gear towards improving your areas of weakness because the coach must consider which is most beneficial for the whole group. Or, if you are training on your own, you may not realize where your weaknesses lie. Self-evaluation is hard, especially if you are relatively new to climbing. With a private lesson, the coach should be able to evaluate your weaknesses on the wall and tailor the session to help focus your attention on those areas. They should also be able to provide you with drills to complete on your own, which builds upon the private lesson(s) instruction.

3. Most Productive Use of Your Time

With a private lesson, the attention is entirely on you. There's no taking turns with a partner, no socialization distractions. Yes, you can have a fantastic conversation with your private instructor, but ultimately they are there to help you excel in climbing. They'll ensure you spend lots of time on the climbing wall, and they will maximize the benefits of your time together, whether you are working with the instructor for only one hour or multiple hours.

4. Personalized Motivation

Think of the private instructor as a personal cheerleader. They want to see you succeed and bring out the best climber version of you that exists. So, during your private sessions, they will be enthusiastic while pushing you to try hard. And, when you send your project in between lessons, odds are they'll love to hear about it the next time you meet with them.

5. A Different Perspective

Bringing it home, everyone has a unique perspective on climbing and different climbing backgrounds. Getting tips from someone else and learning from someone with different strengths and experiences is always beneficial. Your instructor is there for you in a private lesson, so hear your thoughts! Ask tons of questions and listen to what advice they can offer!

Many commercial climbing gyms offer private climbing lessons. Additionally, many climbing coaches of youth teams or adult leagues will offer private sessions on the side! If you want to take your climbing to the next level and invest in yourself, sign up for private climbing lessons. You won't regret it!

Let us know in the comments below if you've had a private climbing lesson and whether or not you thought it beneficial.


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