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Best Climbing News Outlets to Stay in the Loop

Is there such a thing as the New York Times equivalent for climbers - a place where all the latest national and global climbing news is published or the latest first ascents reported? In this fast-paced world, staying informed is crucial. Many might turn to Instagram or other social media platforms. But, if you know where to look, you can find a few high-quality climbing news outlets to stay in the loop. These outlets cater to different preferences, with some following traditional online news formatting while others harness the power of YouTube and Podcasts. This variety ensures that you, as a recreational climber, have the power to choose how and when you consume climbing news without being limited to traditional printed newspapers.

We’ve identified the seven best news outlets, spanning four categories: General News, Media-Based, Competition, and Podcasts. Yet each of the eight sources covers a niche in its published rock climbing information and content. What's more, all outlets mentioned in this article are free to access! We believe that staying updated on climbing news should be accessible to all, and these outlets are doing just that.

a woman in a climbing gym

General News

1.    Climbing Business Journal (CBJ) - Best for updates on the North American Indoor Rock Climbing Industry

CBJ follows a traditional online journal format. Most of the published content focuses on the indoor climbing industry, covering everything from new gym openings to mergers of existing gyms and route-setting trends. One popular section is the ‘Job Weeklies,’ which rounds up job openings at U.S.-based climbing gyms. The journal also conducts interviews with climbing business professionals and has a well-developed Climbing Business Journal directory, a fantastic compilation of resources and businesses in the following areas:

●     Climbing Wall Builders

●     Flooring & Equipment

●     Holds, Macros, & Volumes

●     Auto Belays, Rigging, & Ropes

●     Services & Software

●     Chalk, Shoes, & Gear

●     Training Tools & Advice

●     Guide Services, Books, & Apps

●     Media Outlets

●     Organizations & Non-profits

●     Map of Climbing Gyms and Walls

2.    Vertical-Life (8a) - Best for global outdoor rock climbing news

Vertical-Life, also known as 8a, is your best bet for global outdoor rock climbing news. It's not just a news outlet but a community. You can create an 8a account and log your ascents, leave comments about the climbs, and keep up with other climbers’ ascents and thoughts on different boulders and routes. If you're passionate about outdoor sport climbing and boulder ascents worldwide, this is the place for you.

Media-Based Content

3.    EpicTV and EpicTV Climbing Daily - Best for gear reviews and daily doses of climbing-related content

The UK-based channels post mini-documentary content on the EpicTV Channel. EpicTVs second channel, Climbing Daily, posts gear reviews and short videos related to current climbing events, ascents, and significant climbing accomplishments. UK climber Matt Groom is the former host and producer of EpicTV Climbing Daily (you might recognize him as one of the IFSC competition commentators).

4.    Mellow - Best for cinematic documentation of the hardest outdoor ascents

Mellow is a cinematic and creative YouTube channel that produces mini-climbing documentaries of professional climbers sending some of the world’s hardest boulders and rope routes. The video production style mixes classic climbing footage with artistic and aesthetic shots representative of the modern digital age. World-class boulderers Shawn Raboutou, Daniel Woods, Giuliano Cameroni, and Jimmy Webb co-founded Mellow.

Climbing Competitions

5.    Climbing Noise - Best for locating local climbing competitions across the United States

A recent entry on the climbing news scene, Climbing Noise, serves as a climbing competition locator for non-USA climbing and IFSC competitions. If you identify as a recreational climber who would like to compete in local competitions (aka citizen’s comps), this is a site you’ll want to bookmark. The site allows you to filter by competition type and location. You can also report information about competitions you know are happening.


6.    The Nugget Climbing - Best for conversations about climbing and self-improvement both on and off the wall

Hosted by Steven Dimmitt, the Nugget Climbing interviews individuals from all corners of the climbing community. Past guests have included professional climbers from all disciplines, coaches, nutritionists, filmmakers, and physical therapists. The podcast is available across most platforms, with the most recent episodes also available on full-on YouTube, along with 8-10-minute clips from older episodes.

7.    TrainingBeta - Best for quality training and nutrition advice for climbers of all levels and disciplines.

Certified nutritionist and life coach Neely Quinn hosts the TrainingBeta podcast. Quinn works closely with climbing coach Matt Pincus to provide a quality combination of training and nutrition advice. Like The Nugget Climbing, the podcast's guests include professional climbers and other certified experts in nutrition or coaching.

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of these seven media and news outlets, it's time to dive in. Whether you're training, resting, or brushing your teeth, there's a perfect outlet for you. Don’t forget to check out Vertical Life’s 8a and maybe create your account to contribute to the entertaining comments. And if you enjoy other climbing news sources, consider sharing the link and why you love them. Happy climbing, and stay informed!


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