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Why You Should Book a Rock Climbing Corporate Event

Updated: Apr 28

You should book a rock climbing corporate event because it'll be the most talked about team-building event among your colleagues for the entire year! Rock climbing is a great way to build trust in yourself, of course, but it's also a great way to build trust with your partners. It's the perfect tool to get your employees out of the office and into a space where they can learn something new together (Unless there are some secret climbers among your group!)

fit people getting ready rock climb

What Can I Expect From a Rock Climbing Corporate Event?


You can expect not to wear a tie or high heels, that's for sure. (Think stretchy workout clothes). What will happen is you'll enter the gym and have a dedicated space just for your event. Gym employees will ensure everybody has a signed waiver, give a safety orientation, gear them up, and get them climbing!


The safety orientation will explain how to interact in a climbing gym, from how to fall to informing you not to wear climbing shoes into the restroom. You'll likely hear, "Climbing is inherently dangerous" because it is. But when you hire knowledgeable staff to instruct you and your employees, all you'll need to worry about is reaching new heights.


The staff will fit you with some climbing shoes and secure a harness around you before taking you to your reserved climbing area. Don't worry, you won't be holding anybody's life in your hands, you can leave that to the professionals!


How Can We Benefit From Booking a Rock Climbing Corporate Event?


Besides being an awesome boss that takes your employees rock climbing, you'll discover how thrilling rock climbing is! It's a very communicative activity, so you'll foster an encouraging relationship between your employees when they're cheering each other on.


Think of one of your colleagues who is climbing like a baseball player up to bat. The bench shouts encouragement from the side while the batter does their best at the plate. When your colleague is climbing, you want to be the player in the dugout.


This sense of togetherness helps foster a healthy work environment that will carry into the office.


Will It Bring My Team Together?


Learning something new together creates a shared bond. Your team will fall and fail; that's part of rock climbing! But they will also succeed, whether reaching the top of the wall or just putting trust in a harness and rope to hold them in the air.


Your team will cheer each other on and give congratulations when they're done because they'll recognize that climbing isn't easy and overcoming complex challenges warrants celebration. That will transition into the workplace, and you'll have stronger relationships with your colleagues.


How Do We Prepare to Rock Climb?


Before climbing, you and your colleagues will want light dynamic stretching. That warms up the muscles for all the moving you'll be doing. You can do simple exercises like arm circles to warm up your shoulders and some hip flexor stretches to get your legs ready. Rock climbing is unlike any sport out there, so remember a few tips that will help you do the best you can:


  1. Use your legs! Don't try to muscle your way up the entire wall; this will tire you out quicker. Instead, try to move your legs every time you move your hands. Push into your feet to get up the wall.  

  2. Keep your arms straight when resting on the wall. By keeping your arms straight, you use the least amount of energy instead of holding what feels like a bicep curl.

  3. Listen to the instructors! Your safety is their number one concern. They don't want anybody to get hurt just as much as you. If you have any questions while you're there, they want you to ask. The gym staff will know you're new and gladly explain everything.


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