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How to Have a Fun Rock Climbing Date Night

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Everyone loves a good date night. But what makes a great date? We'd argue that it's something enjoyable that allows you to bond with each other.. Enter rock climbing. This a perfect date night option that we guarantee will be fun for individuals with any range of climbing abilities. While going to the nearest indoor rock climbing gym is simple and requires minimal planning, we've compiled a list of suggestions to enhance a rock climbing date night. Check our tips out below, but be warned - you might get the date night itch immediately.

Tips to Having a Fun Rock Climbing Date Night

1. Book a Private Sessions/Staff Belay

If you are a first-time climber looking to try out a new rock climbing gym, we suggest a private staff-belayed session. These are great because you'll have an entire hour with a dedicated staff member who can belay you on any wall you'd like and guide you up the wall if you're unfamiliar with the sport. Even if you and your partner are veteran climbers, receiving your belay certification at a new rock climbing gym can be time-consuming. If you don't think you'll both visit the new gym frequently, bring your gear and book a staff belay. This way, the staff member can point out the best routes, and you'll be fully present to cheer on your partner while climbing. Or, having to belay will allow you to take only some of the photos. We all know photos are a must, or it didn't happen (just kidding - seriously, put your phone down and enjoy the night with your significant other).

2. Make Post-Climb Dinner Plans

Rock climbing is a full-body workout that will leave you tired and need refueling. What better way to continue an epic date night than with dinner plans? If you want to save time showering, changing, and going somewhere fancy, place a takeout order while wrapping up your climbing. Then, on the drive home, pick up the takeout and enjoy it at home! If takeout isn't your vibe, swing by your favorite grocery store on the drive home and grab the ingredients for a meal you both love. Then, keep the romantic vibes by cooking together, playing chill music, and lighting candles.

3. Incorporate Friendly Competition

This won't be for every couple, but if you and your partner like competition and can still laugh together afterward, try out one of these climbing games. We've made these suggestions with a bouldering date in mind, but you can also adapt them to work for rope climbing!

  • Flash or Trash

Go around the gym, trying as many climbs as possible. You both have one try per climb. If completed on one attempt, you or your partner earn one point. The goal is to have more issues (aka flashes) than your partner by the end of the date. Up the stakes - the loser pays for dinner.

  • Make-Up Climbs

If you're regular at your local climbing gym but still want to have a great date night, try making up climbs for each other to try. You can also do this if you've never been to a rock climbing gym and don't find any of the boulders intriguing or doable. Add holds to a make-up to lower the difficulty, or take holds away to increase the difficulty. If you and your partner are super competitive, be careful! They may retaliate if you come up with a challenging climb.

You can also add a point system by climbing each make-up and getting a point for completing the climbs (the number of attempts allowed is up to you all to decide).

  • Add-On

This is similar to make-up climbs, but you each will only add on one hand hold at a time. Feet can be "open," any holds, or you can designate specific feet for a more significant challenge. Add-on works similarly to the basketball game Horse. You'll pick a word before you start, and each time you fall before you add a new move earns you a letter. The first person to spell the chosen word by falling x amount of times loses, and the remaining person wins. Consider adding that the loser has to pay for dinner, or this time, the winner.

4. Make it a Double Date.

Depending on your and your partner's preferences, making your rock climbing date night a double date with friends could be fun. Rock climbing is equally social as physical, so it's perfect for grouping up and making a night of it. Some gyms also offer discounts for group staff belay packages if you're looking to save money. Or, if you and your friends are competitive, try out any of the previous games for an epic competition. Afterward, you can all go out for drinks and food, capping off a 10/10 night!

If you, your partner, and the other couple have kids, hire one babysitter for all the little rascals to make their night as fun as yours.

5. *Bonus Tip* Buy Punch Passes or Membership

If you have one rock climbing date night and love it, then this tip is for you and your partner. This tip automatically guarantees multiple or regular date nights!

Hopefully, you have reached this point, ready and excited to schedule a rock climbing date night! If we're preaching to the choir, comment below about your and your partner's favorite thing about having a rock climbing date. If you've never had one, definitely give it a try because who knows how much fun you might (read: definitely) have!


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